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It's an incredible story like stick a thorn has stuck in cold days, pleasantly breeze and a fragrant flower are embrace people.
The spring wind to carry say goodbye and best wishes. Who harbor thanks for all the memories and flower, leave large tear,
we can't go back to in one's youth, so, say goodbye. The little wayfarer making a queue and put colorful box on one's back.
It looks like shine brightly more than in a deep blue sky and the sun. With one's eyes closed, A mild spring day and warmth from tree.
Chirping of small birds cause that who sing to a favorite song.
The sun is shining down on people like a spotlight. The shade of a tree feel nice and cool reflect gray ground.
Who put on favorite browned hat, and have a race with shade. Singing of cicada livened up the summer, but, it can't be well.
A group of clammy skin striking in the town.The sound of drinking the water like mad can hear from here and there.
The plastic bottle keep standing alone on the street corner because it can't fit in rubbish bin. To go down no one on the slope way with the wind.
Get summer wind, smell, air to oneself. Memorial fireworks. A sparkler fallen by now.The light of a firefly burning in pitch-dark mind and space.

It was chill in the air like cold dring put one's hand to one's cheek, i'm heading to the park was used to play there.
The trees hanging over the people has changing the color. It looks like wearing red and yellow clothes and fun and dancing to the rhythm of the wind.
Red leaves insert to open a book in stead of bookmark. Look up the sky for clear out one's mind.
Get it into one's head that my height has shrunk, so, it looks like high in the sky. It looks like a dwarf towering a giant and during look up clear sky,
my an upper eyelid closed naturalness. And it open again, the canvas has changing the color between blue and red.
Like the trumped rang throughout from stomach in the western sky is not much.
I walking with a jiggle dragonfly on the soft golden leaves was not nothing in the morning.
A beast cut through the skin threaten people. When I go out to the outside with wearing a sweater of pilling. I take white breath even not take cigarette.
Look up the sky, clear and delicate drops fly down on the cheek and wet but it is disappear before touch the cheek like a soap bubble.
I regretting not take a muffler, but, not turn one's face and walking on white carpet. Deep skins of shoe mark range extended like   lonely dog.
Very cold wind blow against and tear up to the dry leaves of sit huddled together.
To take off one's clothes and only thorn a big tree looks like sad but on the other hand, it looks like be hopeful.

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